Referee manages to ruin the Fall Classic in a historically bad way

Published September 25, 2023 at 10:37

The rules of hockey are becoming less and less clear by the year. Fans and players alike don't seem to know the rules are and with every passing season, the lines get more and more blurred. One rule that is usually clear though is when a goaltenders mask comes off the play gets blown dead, but after you see this you might rethink that as well.

Take the Fall Classic for example in which Dubuque took on the U.S National Development Program. Dubuque goaltender Kevin Reidler seems to have a loose mask and takes it off while the U.S is on a breakaway, Brodie Ziemer scores, it is ruled a goal on the play and then overturned; take a look.

What a weird situation at the Fall Classic

Dubuque goaltender Kevin Reidler had a loose strap and takes his mask off mid-breakaway. Brodie Ziemer scores, initially ruled and a goal, and then overturned.

NTDP was already back in the locker room and had to be brought back out.

Not only was the call on the ice overturned, but the U.S was already back in their locker room and had to be brought back out to finish the game.

Normally, if a goaltenders mask falls off, the play is blown dead, but it's not every day you see a goaltender purposely take his mask off.

It didn't really end up mattering for the U.S however, they did go on to win the game, but this was definitely a weird situation.
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Referee manages to ruin the Fall Classic in a historically bad way

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