Report - Boston Bruins agree to a trade, but they aren't allowed to announce it at this time

Published February 21, 2023 at 2:58 PM

The biggest name on the NHL Trade Board, remains the Arizona Coyote's Jakob Chychrun. Closely following Chychrun is Columbus defender, Vladislav Gavrikov. It now appears that the NHL's 2nd biggest trade chip on the back end is about to fall.

The Blue Jackets have kept Gavrikov out of the lineup recently, the reason being listed as "trade related reasons". According to David Pagnotta, the Blue Jackets and Bruins have reportedly agreed to a deal, but there is just one little hang up.

Vladislav Gavrikov Watch 2023 may be nearing the finish line. Per source, #CBJ & #NHLBruins have the framework of a trade in place (talk of a 1st/3rd in package), but Boston has to clear cap space. One player I'm told they're shopping is F Craig Smith. However... (1/2)

#CBJ won't wait forever. It's understood that if another team swoops in with a competitive/better offer, they could go that route. Ball (or puck) is in Boston's court as they try to make the $ work. Adding Gavrikov could surely eliminate Boston from the Chychrun talk. (2/2)

It's also worth noting that the Blue Jackets won't sit around forever waiting for the Bruins to make a decision however Don Sweeney will have to do some cap finagling to make any deal with Columbus work.

If the Bruins need to move a contract to make the numbers work with the cap, one player to look at might be Craig Smith or Mike Reilly.

The forward has one year remaining on a contract that will pay him $3.1 million.

If the Bruins do pull the trigger and acquire Gavrikov, then they better hope that they've chosen the right guy to put them over the top on the way to the Stanley Cup playoffs.
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Report - Boston Bruins agree to a trade, but they aren't allowed to announce it at this time

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