Brad Marchand calls out the NHL Department of Player Safety for letting other players away with 'm*rder'

Published February 21, 2023 at 11:18

Yesterday afternoon, Brad Marchand continued his recent run of prolific commentary on Twitter. This time he wasn't going after Leafs fans and media members though, but responding to the NHL's inconsistency with assessing suspensions.

In response to former Sabres' goalie and NHL Analyst Marty Biron, shared the following comments on Phoenix Copley's recent ejection.

Copley got a 5min match penalty for throwing punches with the blocker. I get that if it's a sucker punch with the blocker but these love taps won't hurt anybody!!!

This love tap nearly caused a goalie fight that the referees prevented. However, Marchand had a bit to say about his most recent suspension was for a «love tap.»

I got 6 games for a love tap, he got off with murder if you wanna compare apples

Marchand is likely referring to this suspension, which was earned from roughing Penguins' goaltender Tristan Jarry near the end of a game in February of last year.

Both Biron and Marchand here are advocating for more relaxed rules around contact in the NHL, and irresponsibly so. Copley should be assessed a penalty for throwing multiple punches with a blocker after a game, and Marchand has been suspended enough times for a previous history to be considered with his punishment.

It's rare to be on the side of the referees and the Department of Player Safety, but then again, having Marchand dictate the rules would make the league even more chaotic and inconsistent than it is currently.
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Brad Marchand calls out the NHL Department of Player Safety for letting other players away with 'm*rder'

Should the NHL have suspended Phoenix Copley for his blocker punches?

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