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Robin Lehner being pushed to declare bankruptcy in native Sweden

Published December 7, 2022 at 5:17 PM

Robin Lehner, Vegas Golden Knights goaltender who is not playing in the National Hockey League this season seems to have landed in hot water in his home country of Sweden.

Lehner was a guarantor of a loan back in 2016 worth 2.5 million dollars in Swedish currency(Krona) which equates to about $240,000 US. The loan was to be used to build shelter among some other things in Sweden. That company has now gone under and creditors want the money to be paid by Lehner himself.

There was a hearing last Wednesday regarding this matter, which Lehner was not present for. The judge in the case has now ruled Lehner alone is responsible for paying that money back, which has now eclipsed almost 5 million Krona or just under 500,000 US.

The hope was that Lehner would do the right thing by paying the debt, but this has not happened despite several attempts said Jonas Edward, the lawyer for the creditor.

Lehner has opted to get legal representation and will be appealing the decision, per SportBladet

The argument is, that Lehner is solvent and therefore has the means to pay back the loan at anytime given he's under contract in the NHL for 3 more seasons.

SportBladet, reached out to Lehner for comment but because he's currently rehabbing an injury, it is said that he's been difficult to get a hold of.
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