Ron Maclean comments on his future with Hockey Night in Canada

Published July 17, 2023 at 6:22 PM

After reports surfaced last week, from Howard Berger of Fan 590, that longtime host Ron MacLean was being forced out of Hockey Night in Canada, MacLean himself has now spoken up to address his future.

According to John Shannon, Ron MacLean confirmed today that he would be returning to Hockey Night in Canada, at least for the next season, returning as the show's host.

This news will be celebrated by some and to the dismay of others. At this point, Ron MacLean is somewhat of a national heritage monument as a connection to the present and the past of HNIC. He undoubtedly has his weak moments on television, but is still a living legend on set.

However, for the good of the broadcast, whose ratings have been in a steady decline, viewers would probably welcome MacLean's retirement. For next season we will have to both tolerate and celebrate MacLean, in what will likely be his last year.
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Ron Maclean comments on his future with Hockey Night in Canada

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