Ryan Reynolds takes big step towards buying Ottawa Senators

Published February 15, 2023 at 3:33 PM

During the first intermission of the Senators' game against the Calgary Flames, TSN Ottawa reporter Bruce Garrioch reported a massive breakthrough in the sale of the Ottawa Senators, one that includes celebrity Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds made waves earlier this season when he openly spoke about the desire to be a part of the new Senators' ownership. After his extremely successful venture with Wrexham Football Club, Senators' fans and hockey fans in general have been clamouring for a deal to be made. Of course, Reynolds would need financial support, and it appears there's been progress in that front.

Garrioch has now reported that a consortium group, led by Toronto-based contractors, has selected Reynolds to be the face of the operation.

Important to note as well is the report that Reynolds will be prominent in future decision making. Between having ties to Ottawa, and his success with Wrexham FC, Reynolds has made it known that developing a contending team in Ottawa is a priority for new ownership.

Not only would Reynolds' ownership be great for the financial and team success of the Senators, his celebrity status would attract fans who otherwise wouldn't be interested in hockey. Reynolds could bring real entertainment to the executive level of the NHL, something the league has rarely seen in a positive form.
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Ryan Reynolds takes big step towards buying Ottawa Senators

Will new ownership help the Ottawa Senators?

Yes, if they replace management14372.2 %
No, they'll have the same issues5527.8 %
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