Scary injury - Anaheim Ducks defenseman left bloodied after taking stick to the eye

Published February 7, 2023 at 9:11 PM

One of the scariest injuries a player can suffer is an injury to their eye. A stick or puck to the eye can cause significant damage and change a player's life or career in an instant. The NHL implemented visors to try and reduce the number of facial injuries.

Unfortunately sometimes with visors, sticks or even pucks can get caught underneath them doing serious damage. That's exactly what happened tonight to John Klingberg of the Ducks. As Klingberg picks up the puck, Blackhawks forward Boris Katchouk tries to lift his stick. Katchouk's stick comes up and catches Klingberg in the eye region.

Klingberg immediately pulls off his helmet, grabs his eye and skates off of the ice. Klingberg left the game and has not returned.

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