Sean Avery Tears into Alex Galchenyuk Over his Arrest Video

Published November 11, 2023 at 5:22 PM

If anyone knows what it's like to get attention for all the wrong reasons, it's Sean Avery. In his latest video, Avery just rips into Alex Galchenyuk, after video of his arrest in July was made public this week.

The arrest video is definitely not flattering. It shows a very agitated and intoxicated Galchenyuk threatening a police officer and their family with some graphic statements. That included calling apparent contacts in Russia to deal with the officer. Avery was not kind to Galchenyuk at all.

"This guy's taking the 'darty' (slang for daytime party) to the next level. It's an evil level that I don't want any part of."

"My good God, Alex. How do you get that drunk in the day? Where does it come from? And when did you plan on stopping? Where were you going, my man. Were you going home? Or were you looking to keep the darty going?"

Avery wasn't done there, taking tongue-in-cheek jabs at Galchenyuk for his behaviour in the video.

"You're back in Russia. We sent you back to the go--amn gulag because you don't know how to behave in America. Or the great state of Arizona. And those police officers? God bless them. God bless them. For not roughing you up a little bit more. Because you were not a rough player. You didn't like to go in the corners, talking about m--der. You haven't fu--ing seen a corner your whole NHL career."

"That's not how superstar athletes behave. Get it together. Call it a f--king night."

If you're wondering why Avery is doing these videos, look no further than the obvious product placement.

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Sean Avery Tears into Alex Galchenyuk Over his Arrest Video

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