Seth Jarvis forced to crawl to the bench after a huge hit by Jacob Trouba

Published May 30, 2022 at 8:43 PM

Jacob Trouba's reputation as the leagues biggest hitter continues to grow by the day. He's already delivered some punishing hits this playoffs to Sidney Crosby and Max Domi. So without question Trouba was looking to impose his will physically in game 7.

During the 1st period rookie Seth Jarvis made the mistake of carrying the puck across the blue line with Trouba on the ice. Trouba stepped up and delivered a huge hit to Jarvis.

On the play Trouba was not issued a penalty, but the Hurricanes were as a player jumped on the ice before Jarvis could get off the ice. Jarvis appeared to potentially tweak something in his leg on the hit and was sent to the locker room.
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