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Shane Wright scores brutal goal into his own net during World Juniors warmup

Published December 22, 2022 at 12:43

Last night Canada took on Team Slovakia in World Juniors pre-tournament action. For the majority of the game Canada dominated, even outshooting Slovakia 47-17. Canada went onto win the game 6-1.

Unfortunately for Canada the only goal they have up actually came off of Shane Wright's stick. As Wright attempted to make an ill-advised pass, the puck bounced off goaltender, Benjamin Gaudreau and ended up in the back of the Canadian net.

After game Wright was asked about the goal and he took the exact approach you'd expect the Captain of the team to take.

I saw Otter far side and I tried to throw one cross ice and it just hit Benny and it went in. I told him I owe him dinner later this week or later this month.

While the Canadian goaltender chose to take responsibility himself.

I'll take responsibility for that one. It goes in off my feet so it's definitely on me. We talked a little bit about it, I think we landed on I'm going to get a signed stick from Shane Wright. That's better than a lunch for sure.

Canada kicks off their tournament on Boxing Day and with this sort of accountability it's expected that Canada will be one of the top teams at this tournament, if not the favorites to win it all.
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Shane Wright scores brutal goal into his own net during World Juniors warmup

Who will win this year's World Juniors Tournament?

Canada4969 %
USA1216.9 %
Sweden68.5 %
Someone else45.6 %
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