Sharks employee hilariously hides 'F*** the Knights' on the scoreboard

Published April 27, 2022 at 2:27 PM

The San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights are serious rivals. To say the teams dislike one and other would be an understatement and apparently that dislike carried over off the ice as well. When the Knights visited the Sharks on Sunday a cunning San Jose Sharks employee posted a special coded message on the Jumbotron for the Vegas Knights.

The Sharks made it their mission to help ruin the Golden Knights playoff chances and they were successful in doing so, but I think it was this Sharks employee who was the real winner that night. The message on the Jumbotron said the following:

Fans Unite! Celebrate! Keep the hockey energy kicking! Now imbibe generously, honor the Sharks.

What originally seemed like nonsense was decoded by a fan and they came up with the following.

While it appears neither the Sharks or Golden Knights will be in the post season, it appears the Sharks ended up walking away with the clear W this week.

Update: According to a user on Reddit this was a birthday message a fan paid to have posted and the Sharks were unaware of the hidden message.
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