Sidney Crosby claims the NHL needs to change this ridiculous rule

Published February 3, 2023 at 5:57 PM

Gary Bettman has made many questionable decisions over his time as the NHL's Commissioner. One of his most criticized decisions was the changes he implemented to the league's playoff format. According to Bettman the decision was made to help and increase interest and intensity for divisional rivalries.

Instead this has rewarded teams in weaker divisions with easier playoff matchups. For divisions like the Atlantic 2nd place teams often are rewarded by facing a top 6 team in the league. If the playoffs started today the 3rd place Maple Leafs would be rewarded by playoff matchup against the 6th place, Tampa Bay Lightning, while the 7th place Jets would face the 14th placed Minnesota Wild.

Players have spoken out before, but today Sidney Crosby spoke out and offered his thoughts on the league's playoff format.

Sidney Crosby says he'd change the league to go with a 1-8 playoff format. Says it rewards teams for the regular season better.

With one of the faces of the NHL finally speaking out in favor of changing the playoff format it will be interesting to see if the league takes notice. Bettman has remained steadfast on his decision to not change it, but if the criticism continues it could only be a matter of time.
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Sidney Crosby claims the NHL needs to change this ridiculous rule

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