Suspended OHL owners release statement about use of homophobic language

Published April 8, 2022 at 8:24

It's likely safe to say that the owner's of the Niagara Ice Dogs, Joey and Billy Burke will likely never be allowed to run the Ice Dogs or any other OHL team anytime soon. This incident reportedly just one of the many issues behind the scenes with the Ice Dogs franchise.

The two having already been suspended indefinitely for inappropriate comments sent in the Ice Dogs group chat. Things weren't made any better when a leaked copy of the transcripts found their way online.


If that wasn't enough the Joey and Billy Burke released a statement today which they refused to acknowledge their usage of a homophobic slurs used in a company-wide group chat.

We are devastated by the sanctions brought down upon us and the Niagara IceDogs by the Ontario Hockey League. Certain media outlets are taking liberties speculating on what was said and about whom. To be clear, we were venting in a private hockey staff WhatsApp group chat about the perceived lack of coverage from the league after a win. Unfortunately, we did use profane language, but it was not racial in any sense, nor was it abusive or directed at any IceDogs staff member (male or female) or any players. Embarrassed by our text, we deleted the message right away and apologized directly to our female staff for a vulgar slang word that was used. We also apologized to everyone involved in the chat for the language and tone, long before we knew the chat was leaked. It should also be noted that in the 14 years that we have worked for the team, we have never had a complaint brought against us for any inappropriate language or behaviour towards any staff or player. Although we are heartbroken, we understand that our positions within the team and the community should have held us to a higher moral standard and for that we are truly sorry. We take great pride in the diverse makeup of our team and our alumni, and we have always strived to create a safe and respectful environment both inside the dressing room and the office as well. We are very proud of the team that we've put together and have all faith that this team will be competing for the Memorial Cup in 2 years and we wish our players, staff and all lceDogs fans nothing but success.

Billy Burke and Joey Burke

The Brothers have already been suspended indefinitely by the Canadian Hockey League and Ontario Hockey League Commissioner fined the brothers $150,000 dollars.

Rumours have already began to circulate that former Ottawa Senators forward, Mike Fisher is in discussion to potentially purchase the franchise.
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Suspended OHL owners release statement about use of homophobic language

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