Team Germany goalie thought Canadian fans were taunting him, but they were actually complimenting him

Published December 28, 2022 at 11:40

The World Junior Hockey Championship has had it's share of soundbites over the years and while the North American crowd usually eats up comments from the Canadian or American teams it seems like a comment from the German goalie is making It's rounds for it's comical translation from English to German.

After a close 1-0 loss to Sweden where he made 43 saves Carolina Hurricanes 2021 sixth round draft pick Nikita Quapp was asked if he heard the «MVP» chants that emulated from the crowd that gathered at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax.

«I did' Quapp replied, «but I heard it as the german phrase «geh auf die Kniel» which translates in English to «get on your knees». It's a pretty funny moment and a heck of a soundbite, but probably not the vibe then German's were going for.

Whatever was said and however it was actually translates it just proves that these young men are human and are tremendously proud of representing their country.

The sense of humour is a breath of fresh air from what we're usually subjected to during a scrum at a pro hockey game.
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