Team left with no goalies after both goalies ejected for fighting

Published February 6, 2023 at 10:32

The East Coast Hockey League is one of the most entertaining leagues you may ever have a chance to watch. The physicality remains, fights are commonplace and players play every shift like their hockey careers depend on it. That's exactly why the ECHL is often filled with a lot of firsts.

Over the weekend another one of those first occurred, when a team had both of their goalies ejected from the game for fighting.

I don't know this 100% but I have to imagine that tonight was the first time in ECHL history that two goaltenders from the same team were both given Game Misconducts for Fighting.

Congrats to Utah's Garrett Metcalf and Lukas Parik.

Luckily for Utah the 2nd ejection occurred after the final buzzer and the game didn't go to overtime. Had the game gone to overtime the team would have been forced to use a player in goal because they'd have not been eligible to use an emergency backup goalie, due to ejections not constituting a goalie being "incapacitated and unable to play".

This is just another great example of the ECHL at it's finest.
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Team left with no goalies after both goalies ejected for fighting

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