The NHL has reviewed the MacKinnon hit on Nolan Patrick and you may not like the result

Published February 17, 2022 at 11:19

For those who may have missed the play, Colorado Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon delivered a head shot to Vegas Golden Knights forward Nolan Patrick on Wednesday night that took him off of his feet and really shook him up. Here's a look at the replay:

Patrick was forced to leave the game as a result and did not return. There is some obvious concern for the health of the former 2nd overall pick, who has a long history of concussion issues.

MacKinnon received a 2-minute interference penalty on the play and there was a lot of speculation coming out of this one that Mack could potentially face some supplemental discipline from the league.

Well, according to the Review Journal's David Schoen, it appears as though MacKinnon will not be fined or suspended as a result of his actions on the play.

I have a hard time believing, given what can be seen on the video, that MacKinnon intentionally meant to target Patrick's head. It looked more like he was trying to edge him out to win the puck race than anything.

Nevertheless, another unfortunate injury for Patrick. Hopefully he is quick to recover and was able to avoid any serious injury on the play.

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