The cost to attend a Maple Leaf game for a family is outrageous

Published August 5, 2023 at 9:05

Being a hockey fan who attends games has become an expensive experience since the days of Maple Leaf Gardens, The Montreal Forum and other iconic original six arenas in the National Hockey League. But with the continuing discussions surrounding things like inflation, escrow and the mounting costs it takes to run a franchise, it should surprise no one which franchise leads the league in average cost for a family of four to attend a game.

A study conducted by sheds light on the experience of attending a game at Scotia Bank Arena to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs. Although costs have only risen by eleven percent, attending a game will cost approximately $697.75. The metrics involved in calculating the cost of the event include the price of four average-price tickets, two small draft beers, four small soft drinks, four regular-sized hot dogs, parking for one hour, two game programs and the two least expensive adult-sized adjustable caps.

With families struggling to put food on the table and paying their rent and other important bills today, it seems like they are being pushed out of being able to afford to go to a game and for decades; it has been commonplace to see many patrons wearing a suit and tie using the game as a business meeting of sorts and for the casual fan who would likely only want to experience being in attendance once in their lives; it is rather unfair and extremely unfortunate. While attending Toronto Maple Leafs games for a family is difficult, other National Hockey League teams are nipping at their heels. Due to their recent successs, the Tampa Bay Lightnings increases have ballooned a whopping 70%.

This number of 11% appears to be a little skewed considering that season ticket prices have risen steadily since drafting Auston Matthews, but keeping in mind the study was determined in USD and the dollar has fluctuated at an unsteady pace over the last decade the numbers do not lie. My only concern regarding the study is who pays for only one hour of parking when attending a game?
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The cost to attend a Maple Leaf game for a family is outrageous

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