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Tomas Tatar gets called for a bizarre penalty you'll probably never see again

Published December 30, 2023 at 10:13
The National Hockey League and hockey in general is full of things that will sometimes make you scratch your head and last night was no different. Whether it be a momentary lapse in judgement or a penalty that isn't often called.

Last night, the Seattle Kraken were taking on the Philadelphia Flyers and Climate Pledge Arena and Kraken forward; Tomas Tatar gets whistled for a rare penalty; take a look.

As the second period is winding down and the Flyers are up 1-0, Tatar is waiting on the boards for a change and instead of waiting for his feat to touch the ice before he plays the puck, he plays the puck while sitting on the board.

The officials of course make a call on the play a 2-minute bench minor for playing the puck from the bench.

That's just something you can't do in any situation, you know as a hockey player you can't touch the puck prior to stepping on the ice. Tatar is a 12 year NHL veteran and can't be serving penalties like this

It's a call you'll probably never see again, and I know officials get a lot of flack and quite frankly they deserve it, but this was the right call
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Tomas Tatar gets called for a bizarre penalty you'll probably never see again

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