Toronto sports writer asks the single dumbest question ever

Published April 24, 2022 at 7:37

There are lots of awful «Sports Columnists» out there, but there is always one that usually sticks out for the wrong reasons. Enter Steve Simmons who has some of the worst takes in hockey.

The columnist whose best known for saying Phil Kessel loves hot dogs and leaking Auston Matthews positive COVID-19 infection, had another awful take. During his regular Saturday night tweet storm he asked one of the dumbest questions.

Has any NHL player ever scored on a shot attempt?


Simmons may have been trying to generate a reaction, but it's more than likely he was commenting on the "shots attempted" graphic shown during tonight's Leafs game. But with his track record Simmons may have just not known what it meant. He has made it known he doesn't believe in advanced stats, so maybe he thinks shot attempts aren't a real stat. But that might be giving him too much credit.
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