Vegas Knights General Manager implies it was former coach's decision to let Marc-Andre Fleury go

Josh tupper
July 6, 2022  (9:00 PM)

When Marc-Andre Fleury was traded from Las Vegas to Chicago there were a lot of questions that surrounded the situation. Those questions go all the way back to when Vegas acquired Robin Lehner from Chicago. Fans never really understood why Vegas felt the need to add Lehner.

Well Kelly McCrimmon, the General Manager of the Knight's joined the Cam & Strick Podcast and discussed the topic.
Well last year you mentioned work Marc-Andre and Lenny shared the net of the 56 games. I give both guys credit. Their relationship was really good. I thought they were happy for the other guy when he played. Well, you know this year Lenny had a lot of trouble with injuries in the second half of the year.

Our team was short handed. He was trying to play. He was trying to play, wasn't able to play at the top of his game. You know, we were having trouble getting wins. We even got to April where we still had a chance. We were dressing a little better lineup.

I don't think that anybody in our lineup necessarily was at the top of their game but at least our lineup card looked better and we were scratching for wins. So that's, that's what happened and you know Lenny had to have you know, surgery on the shoulder. He also had a pretty significant injury to his leg, you know.

Pete has always been a big Lehner fan. Yeah, he wanted him, you know, wanted us to extend him, you know, play him as our starter in the bubble. When we went through the Conference Finals against Dallas. Last year, we went to the Conference Finals and flowers are flower at a great year, won the Vezina and yet you know, Lenny was the guy that Pete always felt the most comfortable with

It's an odd look that McCrimmon would make it clear that his coach had so much control over his roster decisions. Especially in a market where being a coach has had zero job security.
You have to believe if things don't turn around in Vegas that McCrimmon will be the one looking for work.
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