Wayne Simmonds calls out Pat Maroon after he called him 'soft'

Published April 21, 2022 at 9:31 PM

Wayne Simmonds and Pat Maroon have been at each other twice this season. During the last meeting between the Maple Leafs and Lightning, Simmonds and Maroon were both awarded misconduct penalties for chirping between the benches.

Tonight the chirping between the two men continued. Of course Maroon went back to using his 3 Stanley Cups to try and intimidate Simmonds, but that wasn't what stuck out. During the exchange Maroon called Wayne Simmonds "soft".

Wayne Simmonds is a lot of things, but soft isn't one of them. Simmonds has rarely backed down from a fight, but apparently Maroon has. While Simmonds was being interviewed after the 1st period he took a shot of his own at Maroon:

We've never dropped the gloves. He's never obliged me before so I don't think I'm the one that's soft.

If things stay the way they are there is a very good chance the Lightning and Maple Leafs meet in the 1st round. If that ends up happening it is very likely the two end up facing off.
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Wayne Simmonds calls out Pat Maroon after he called him 'soft'

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