Winnipeg Jets shock everyone and name surprising Captain

Published September 12, 2023 at 9:37

When a team makes a monumental announcement like naming a new captain, it usually leaks in the press days earlier. Today, the Winnipeg Jets were able to make an announcement to their fan base without the name leaking beforehand. The Jets have been without a captain since stripping Blake Wheeler of his "C" in 2022.

Wheeler was finally bought out this summer ending his tenure as a Jet. Today marks a new beginning for the Jets who are expected to embark on a lengthy rebuild this season.

Allow him to reintroduce himself.

Adam Lowry, Captain of your Winnipeg Jets ✈️

Lowry, 30, is coming off the best statistical season of his career. While he is certainly not the flashiest name on the roster, he embodies everything a captain should be. Lowry never takes a shift off and is always accountable for his actions. He embodies the spirit of Winnipeg and will be a great representation of the city and team going forward.
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Winnipeg Jets shock everyone and name surprising Captain

Was Adam Lowry the right choice for captain?

Yes, perfect pick3564.8 %
No, I'd have picked someone else916.7 %
Only time will tell1018.5 %
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