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Actor Who Played Key Role in Beloved Hockey Movie Slap Shot Passes Away

Published February 20, 2024 at 7:28 PM

Ask anyone about their favourite hockey movies, and if Slap Shot isn't their number one choice, it's usually well up there. Despite being made almost 50 years ago (yup, 1977), the film lives on as a cult classic. Sadly, one of the actors who played a key role in that movie has passed away.

Slap Shot's Steve Carlson (who played Steve Hanson in the movie), announced on his X account that the world has lost Paul D'Amato, who played the villainous character Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken.

"RIP Paul D'Amato

Sending heart felt condolences to Family and fellow friends, actors."

According to Daily Faceoff, D'Amato passed away Monday after a four-year battle with a rare brain disease.

D'Amato was chosen for his role in Slap Shot as he grew up playing hockey in Worcester, Massachusetts. He played for Emerson College's hockey team in Boston while also being involved in school plays as an actor. D'Amato's role as "Dr. Hook" was so influential, his visual appearance in the movie was used as inspiration for the comic book character Wolverine.

While Tim McCracken may be his best known role, D'Amato had parts in several other films, including the Deer Hunter which featured names like Christopher Walken, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, and others. D'Amato also played a role in another hockey movie. He was David Eskanazi in The Deadliest Season. Our sincere condolences to D'Amato's family, friends and fans.

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Actor Who Played Key Role in Beloved Hockey Movie Slap Shot Passes Away

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