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Anaheim Ducks fined by the NHL for breaching conduct policy

Published April 20, 2024 at 3:57 PM

The Anaheim Ducks have been at the bottom of the NHL standings for the last few years with no in sight. It Doesn't seem to matter how many prospects they're given via the draft or other areas like trades and such they can never seem to get out of the basement in the western conference and general manager, Pat Verbeek has had enough. Not in a way that's good though in fact, you've probably never seen this from the NHL before.

According to World Hockey Report on X the Anaheim Ducks have been fined $50,000 for breach of conduct. The was given out to Ducks and General Manager Pat Verbeek because he tried to force his players to live in a certain location during the off-season; Take a look.

Pat Verbeek seems like a ball of fun. Trying to force players to move to Florida for the offseason is crazy.

Verbeek tried to force the Anaheim Ducks players to settle in Florida during the off-season because a trainer he strongly believes in is based out of Florida that is why the NHL find the Anaheim Ducks and Verbeek.

I know desperate times call for desperate measures and the Anaheim Ducks have been in the basement of the NHL for so long that something needs to change, but this is not the answer if you want to get your players to buy In forcing them to live somewhere is not it.

Along with the fine, a memo was sent out by the league, reminding players That they can't be asked to use ‘wearable technology' during the off-season.

It seems no matter what the Ducks do the reason they can't get out of the basement in the Western Conference starts at the top with their GM trying to cut corners.
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Anaheim Ducks fined by the NHL for breaching conduct policy

Do you think $50,000 was enough of a fine for Pat Verbeek and the Anaheim Ducks

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It should be a lot higher2520.3 %
50,000? That's not a deterrent to Verbeek.2621.1 %
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