Zach Hyman recently reached the 50 goal mark for the first time in his career
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Analyst Gets Blasted For Awful Take on Zach Hyman's 50 goals

Published March 26, 2024 at 7:37 PM

A brutal take is being rightfully ripped apart after an analyst indicated that Zach Hyman reaching 50 goals in a season was made easier because he comes from money.

Andrew Berkshire, a longtime hockey analyst, writer and online presence, took to all of his accounts with a video on Zach Hyman of the Edmonton Oilers reaching 50 goals for the first time ever in his career at the age of 31. Berkshire's rant, in which he says he has a responsibility to tell the truth as a member of the media, congratulates Hyman for reaching 50 through hard work, but there are several buts peppered throughout where Berkshire insists that Hyman's journey was made far easier than it would have been for many because he comes from a very wealthy background.

"In media, we have a responsibility to tell stories, but too often they're just not honest. The narrative around Zach Hyman's first 50-goal season for example, erases the real reason it was possible. It wasn't just hard work. Follow me on tiktok and instagram, for more."

There are a handful who agree with the take, but it seems the vast majority of his colleagues, or others involved in the hockey world, do not. Ryan Whitney was very sarcastic in his response.

"This guy is bang on. I promise everyone I will never forget the reason Zach Hyman scored 50 goals at 31 years old is because he comes from a wealthy family."

"Encouraged to see how many commenters are coming to Zach Hyman's defence here. Any attempt to diminish his accomplishment and/or the undeniable amount of work that went into it because of his family's wealth is truly missing the forest for the trees."

"The commentary and vitriol directed at #Oilers Zach Hyman after achieving an incredible 50-goal milestone is nothing short of disgraceful. Hate to give it more oxygen, but this take is hot garbage and a lame attack on hockey media who show up to the rink every day."

Andrew Berkshire's take on the matter being right or wrong is entirely a matter of opinion. My own is that it comes across as petty and bitter. It's no secret that hockey can be hard to get into at a young age because it's likely the most expensive when it comes to equipment and getting places to play. However, I don't believe any current or former teammates of Hyman would say he doesn't work incredibly hard, and isn't grateful and humbled by what he's accomplished.
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Analyst Gets Blasted For Awful Take on Zach Hyman's 50 goals

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