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Arizona Coyotes duo admit they had water turned off after forgetting to pay bill

Published March 9, 2024 at 5:57 PM

For anyone who has ever lived on their own, they understand that there are some unique challenges. Those challenges aren't reserved for just broke college kids, as this story will prove. Apparently those same challenges are faced by some NHL players as well.

Earlier this week Jack McBain and Dylan Guenther of the Arizona Coyotes admitted they ran into a bit of trouble. The two roommates, who began living together last year learned this week that their electricity and water bills weren't attached like they'd thought.

«The water shut off on us yesterday we weren't paying the bills, so we got that covered, but no we have some fun. It's a good time,» Guenther added.

«I mean you don't realize how much you need the water until you go brush your teeth and you don't have water.»

«We thought the electricity and the water was kind of a two-in-one and turns out it wasn't.»

The two shared while speaking to Arizona Sports shared that it took 16+ hours to get the situation rectified and this has caused them to become the laughing stock of the team. The two said they spent the day using bottled water to do simple tasks like brushing their teeth and washing dishes.

Usually stories that involve members of the Coyotes not paying bills, usually don't have a happy ending, but luckily this story does. The players were able to get their water turned back on and now know that these are in fact separate bills.
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Arizona Coyotes duo admit they had water turned off after forgetting to pay bill

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