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Philadelphia Flyers newest addition may refuse to report to the team

Published March 9, 2024 at 3:54 PM

Most of the dust has settled after a very active week of trades in the NHL. While most players are now with their new clubs, there are a few outliers one of those players being Ryan Johansen who was acquired by the Philadelphia Flyers in a deal with the Colorado Avalanche.

Johansen was simply sent to the Flyers to balance the salaries after they acquired. Sean Walker. The moment Johansen was received by the Flyers, they immediately placed him on waivers with the intention of demoting him to the American Hockey League.

However, it appears Johansen wasn't in alignment with that decision and may not even show up for the Flyers.

It appears that Ryan Johansen is dealing with injuries and it is still unclear if he'll report to LV - something seemingly out of left field.

Johansen is a buyout candidate this summer (if healthy). Injured players cannot be bought out.

Johansen had previously played for Head Coach John Tortorella in Columbus, where the two reportedly had a checkered history. Following this situation will be interesting to see because an injury to Johansen could make him impossible to buyout as injured players can not be bought out.

Johansen has been dealing with minor things all season, but this is a new development. If a buyout this summer is an option, it would cost PHI & NAS $1,333,334 each against their caps in each of the next two seasons.

This situation will continue to be monitored, but it's possible things get interesting in Philadelphia.
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Philadelphia Flyers newest addition may refuse to report to the team

Should Ryan Johansen be suspended if he refuses to report?

Yes, if he refuses to report41374.3 %
No, not if he's injured10218.3 %
No, he shouldn't be no matter what417.4 %
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