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Brad Treliving reveals details of injury that kept Auston Matthews out

Published May 10, 2024 at 11:21

Auston Matthews' absence from the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup during the playoffs was a complete mystery. It began as an illness, before it manifested itself in the form of an injury that would keep Matthews out for both Games 5 and 6. Matthews eventually returned from Game 7, but it was too little too late and the Maple Leafs once again found themselves eliminated in the first round.

At the end of season media availability Matthews was coy with details on what kept him out, but today General Manager Brad Treliving provided some context to Matthews' absence. At the end of year Manager media availability Treliving provided the following update.

Injury news

Treliving clarifies Auston Matthews injury. Picked up a virus after Game 2hit in Game 4, presented «head injury» issues. Was not cleared until Game 7.

Treliving went onto clarify Matthews wasn't the only player battling injury, providing the following updates as well.

Bobby McMann MCL injury, would have been available sometime in Round 2.

Connor Dewar is having shoulder surgery

Joseph Woll back injury at end of Game 6, kayoed him for Game 7

Unfortunately for the Maple Leafs, it appears that both Nylander and Matthews were battling head related injuries. During his availability Treliving discussed that the team and their medical department were unwilling to allow Matthews to play while symptoms were present. The team wanted to ensure that they could rule out any head issue, which should always be the first priority.

The team enters this summer with more questions than answer, ahead of what is definitely going to be a busy summer.
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Brad Treliving reveals details of injury that kept Auston Matthews out

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