Stars Jamie Benn hits Devon Toews of the Avalanche
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Benn's uncalled hit on Toews causes outrage among fans

Published May 10, 2024 at 7:46

Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars caused plenty of controversy after drilling Devon Toews of the Colorado Avalanche with what appears to be a hit to the head

The Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars are currently involved in what can only be described as a battle in their second round series of the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Things got really heated last night when Dallas's Jamie Benn drilled Devon Toews with a hard hit that appeared to catch him in the head.

There was no call on the play, something that is being hotly debated online. Many believe the initial point of contact on the play was Toews' head.

The play was reviewed before the officials decided on no penalty. Colorado coach Jared Bednar was not impressed at all with the hit or the no call on the play.

"Does he catch a piece of his shoulder? Yeah, I guess you could argue that, but the target is high and it's at his head and it makes contact with the head I've seen many times guys get called for the head shot and penalty with a lot less than that."

The Dallas Stars won the game 5-3 to deadlock the series at one game each. Game 3 takes place Saturday night.
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Benn's uncalled hit on Toews causes outrage among fans

Should a penalty have been called on Jamie Benn's hit on Devon Toews?

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