Tkachuk throws a tantrum
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Brady Tkachuk has tantrum, after another embarrassing loss

Published February 27, 2024 at 7:32

Let's face it, the new ‘it's our year' fan base is that of the Ottawa Senators. We've heard for years now that the rebuild is over and this is the year they'll finally not only make the playoffs, but do damage once they get there. Then the regular season starts and they end up either starting hot, giving people hope, or turning it on when they're too far of of the playoff picture to do anything, but it doesn't help when the captain of the Senators isn't fit to lead at all.

Last night the Senators were on the road in Washington to take on the Capitals where they would lose 6-3, but letting the clock run out without a tantrum isn't their style; take a look.

One last scrum before the game ends for Tkachuk

With 8.8 seconds left on the clock, Ottawa captain Brady Tkachuk just had to get in the face of Capitals goaltender Darcy Kuemper, which obviously draws a crowd before the officials get involved.

Some people like the passion Tkachuk plays with, but personally I think he's tired of losing, cannot lead a hockey team and throws fit like a toddler when things don't go his way on the ice. Hell early this year, he went after his own fan base for booing the players and wanting former coach DJ Smith fired.

Having Brady Tkachuk lead a team is part of the problem in Ottawa and if they're smart, he won't be captain for very much longer.
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Brady Tkachuk has tantrum, after another embarrassing loss

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