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Carolina Hurricanes goalie cheap shots Connor Bedard and he finally fights back

Published February 19, 2024 at 9:31 PM

Conor Bedard has been back after a long layoff due to his broken jaw and has already drawn the ire of an opposing goalie, who in reality shouldn't be too upset that the rookie forward was in his face due to an unfortunate push by his own teammate.

Bedard, sitting on Spencer Martin's doorstep, was doing his best to try to redirect a shot from the right faceoff dot but was subtly pushed into the goaltender by Canes Dimitry Orlov. Shortly afterwards, a disgruntled Martin shoves Bedard for his efforts.

From day one, Bedard has been a marked man, and although he's done what he's had to avoid getting mixed up in any trouble void of the hit he took that broke his jaw, he hasn't looked out of place playing for the team that drafted him first overall in last summer's NHL entry draft.

Conversely, Bedard will be a name that people speak of for years to come, while Spencer Martin, who has been a career backup for the majority of his career.

It's good to see Bedard stand up for himself though. That hasn't happened often in his young career.

As for Martin, there's no reason for him to really be mad, his own defender pushed Bedard into the crease.

I have no idea why Martin is so mad, but him pointing at the scoreboard is the best thing I've seen today

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Carolina Hurricanes goalie cheap shots Connor Bedard and he finally fights back

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