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defender Fillip Hronek turns down massive contract extension

Published March 26, 2024 at 10:46

The Vancouver Canucks traded for Fillip Hronek late last season, acquiring him from the Detroit Red Wings. Things look to be going well so far, the Canucks like him and he's been exactly what they needed on the back end. A distributor who wracks up the assists.

The Canucks like Hronek so much, they've tabled a massive contract extension to make him stay in Vancouver according to Sportsnet's Luke Fox; take a look.

Hronek, 26, has been offered an 8-year contract extension with the Canucks worth 6.5 million dollars annually. An offer which he has reportedly turned down because he feels he can get more on the open market.

Hronek has played in 72 games for the Canucks so far this season collecting 5 goals and adding 40 assists for a total of 45 points. He's having the best season of his career so far, but I don't think betting on himself and going to the open market in hopes he gets more money is worth it.

Whoever in Hronek's camp is telling him he can get so much more money is leading him to believe he's proven more than he has.
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defender Fillip Hronek turns down massive contract extension

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