Fire Officials Outside a Hockey Area in Australia
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Dozens of Hockey Players and Spectators Sent to Hospital After being Poisoned

Published February 12, 2024 at 9:00
This is a really dangerous situation that could have been much worse except for the quick action of officials. A hockey arena in Australia was cleared over the weekend and dozens of players and spectators went to hospital after a carbon monoxide leak was discovered.

Following a game at the Thebarton Ice Arena in Adelaide, 16 players from the Melbourne women's ice hockey team showed up at hospital and were found to have carbon monoxide poisoning. They had played a game against Adelaide Friday afternoon. Two of the women were admitted to hospital. Officials immediately cleared the arena, and another 22 people went to hospital with symptoms.

The local fire service believes the high levels of carbon monoxide came from the Zamboni machine being used to resurface the ice.

"It's immediately out of service. We have a back up machine as well so that will be put into service." - Ice Arena manager Richard Laidlaw

According to Ice Hockey Australia, there is no requirement for rinks to have carbon monoxide detectors, and the decision is left up to local rink operators. Officials said they would monitor levels at the arena for the next 12 hours to ensure it was safe.

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Dozens of Hockey Players and Spectators Sent to Hospital After being Poisoned

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