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Edmonton Oilers prove once again why the Arizona shouldn't have an NHL team

Published February 20, 2024 at 9:36

The Arizona Coyotes have done nothing in the National Hockey League for some time now, having to move to a university arena that houses around 5,000 fans because they couldn't actually fill out an NHL arena and now the latest example of why they don't deserve an NHL team comes from their game yesterday against the Edmonton Oilers.

A fan account on X captured the noise level for most Oilers goals scored yesterday in a game Edmonton would win 6-3 and it's just flat out embarrassing for the Coyotes; take a look.

The Arizona Coyotes are an embarrassment to professional sports.

If you're playing in a 5,000 seat arena and you still can't fill the building with your own fans you deserve to be relocated.

This thread has every Edmonton goal, and the crowd is LOUD for all of them.

Visiting fans are nothing new, most fan bases around the league travel well, but to have the visiting crowd be this loud for goals scored is just embarrassing.

The NHL has coddled Arizona long enough. Hockey in Arizona doesn't work, that's been proven. Put these fans out of their misery and relocate the team already.
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Edmonton Oilers prove once again why the Arizona shouldn't have an NHL team

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