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Fans react to PK Subban's inappropriate comment

Published April 25, 2024 at 8:40

It started off as a harmless clip of Jack Eichel preparing his stick for Game 2 of the Western Conference series. But it ended with an inappropriate comment that has fans calling upon ESPN to take action against former NHL defender PK Subban. The comment occured during last night's pregame and has a much more far reaching impact.

After the camera cuts back to the main desk Subban drops an all-timer, unfortunately, the NHL's target audience isn't just adults. No, instead the NHL has recently attempted to grow into a younger demographic and tonight's comment didn't quite land with everyone.

After a segment showing Jack Eichel cutting his stick with a saw, ESPN's studio show saw P.K. Subban say "I'm not a carpenter, but I do carry around a hammer," Steve Levy say "Yes, you do! So I've heard," and Mark Messier just look into the camera.

Fans quickly began to react to this comment, and notably many parents felt this wasn't the time or the place for this sort of joke.

At this point it is unclear if ESPN will take note of the outrage and make changes or at the very least issue an apology. Lost in all of those is the awkward reaction of Mark Messier, who clearly wanted to be nowhere near this segment at all.
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Fans react to PK Subban's inappropriate comment

Should PK Subban be fired for this comment?

Yes, he should15625.7 %
No, he shouldn't25742.3 %
He should be fired for being a bad commentator19432 %
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