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Fans react with concern for Matt Rempe after fight with Ryan Reaves

Published March 3, 2024 at 3:17 PM

Since entering the league after being called up a couple of weeks ago, New York Rangers rookie forward and tough guy Matt Rempe hasn't been shy about his love of fighting, taking on any and all opponents that want to have a shot. Fighting in nearly every game he's played it, there might be a little bit of concern for how much damage the youngster is taking in virtually every fight.

Last night after taking on Toronto Maple Leafs tough guy Ryan Reaves, there was an outpouring of concern surrounding not only how healthy he is currently, but his long term health if he keeps fighting the way he is; take a look

Rempe has been in more fights this week that Reaves has all year. The poor kid needs a break.

Rempe CTE confirmed at the end of season. Rangers doing brother dirty allowing him to fight every night .

Rempe is literally boutta have CTE at this point bro

I'm a big believer that fighting belongs in hockey, it's always had it's place and it always will, but at this point, with as much damage as he's taken this early in his career, do you sit him down and tell him not to fight every night? I think that should come shortly
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Fans react with concern for Matt Rempe after fight with Ryan Reaves

Do you think the New York Rangers have to have a talk with Rempe about fighting?

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