The Stanley Cup.
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2024 Stanley Cup playoffs odds have been released

Published March 3, 2024 at 11:58

We are seven weeks away from the start of the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs and with the trade deadline looming, teams around the National Hockey League are trying to position themselves for a deep run towards hockey's greatest trophy.

On Sunday, X account shared their 2024 Stanley Cup Playoff odds as of this morning and there are some interesting teams that are still holding onto a very minimal chance of clinching a berth.

The Atlantic Division's Florida Panthers lead the way with a 100% chance of clinching a berth into the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs, while Winnipeg (99.9%), Dallas (99.9%), Vancouver (99.98%), New York Rangers (99.97%), Boston (99.91%), Carolina (99.8%), Toronto (99.6%), Colorado (99.4%) and Edmonton (99.3%).

There are also some teams that, mentioned earlier, are hanging on by a thread in the race, but still are mentioned by MoneyPuck in their playoffs odds. Let's take a look at those teams with a less than ten percent chance of clinching a berth in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Washington Capitals - 8%
Minnesota Wild - 7.7%
St. Louis Blues - 6.7%
Buffalo Sabres - 4.8%
Ottawa Senators - 0.1%

Finally, there are four teams that are given a 9.9 percent chance or higher of hoisting the Stanley Cup in June, three of whom are Canadian franchises.

Toronto - 11.3%
Carolina - 11%
Vancouver - 10.4%
Edmonton - 9.9%

I can't believe how high Toronto is on every one of these lists every year, but for some reason they're always perennial cup contenders that haven't seen the eastern conference final in decades. Of those four teams with the highest odds to win the Stanley Cup, who do you personally think has the best chance of winning it all? Share your thoughts with us in the poll below!

March 3   |   533 answers
2024 Stanley Cup playoffs odds have been released

Which of the top-four for the Stanley Cup odds do you think has the best chance of winning it all?

Toronto13224.8 %
Carolina8816.5 %
Vancouver17031.9 %
Edmonton14326.8 %
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