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Hockey player suffers burns to mouth after being poisoned by water bottle

Published March 12, 2024 at 4:31 PM

It sounds like something out of a hockey mafia movie. Where one rival, does everything possible to take out another. Unfortunately, for one hockey player this this actually became reality during a recent hockey game where he suffered Burns to his mouth and throat after ingesting what is said to be ammonia.

This investigation comes to us from Europe, where 40-year-old Valery Zolov was recently treated for burns.

It is reported that the athlete has a burn to his mouth and stomach, and the police are studying the possibility of attempted poisoning. It all happened on March 10 during a match of the Labor Reserves hockey league at the Yantar lce Palace. The victim is 40-year-old Valery Zotov, a player from HC Wolta After changing, he began to drink water from the bottle, but there was a chemical liquid inside. The tongue, palate and stomach were scorched.

Valery was taken away in an ambulance; the diagnosis was second-degree chemical burn. He's better now. The man himself suspects that ammonia was specially poured into the bottle. Doctors have already reported this to the police. It is noted that the club for which the hockey player plays denies the incident. At the same time, the recording of the match shows that Zotov actually leaves the game in the middle of the second period and never returns.

This is a scary proposition for any player, who thinks that an unattended bottle could quickly lead to serious injury or even death. If there is any lesson to be learned here, it's keep your water bottle close and take short shifts.
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