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Ice Hockey Federation looking for players

Published April 5, 2024 at 12:46

File the following under International Ice Hockey Federations' you did not know existed, but something you needed to know and may find interesting if you are a rabid fan or a student of the game.

According to reports, the Cuban Ice Hockey Federation is looking for players with Cuban heritage as far back as their grandparents to represent the nation on the international stage. Cuba is set to participate in a tournament in August 2024 and has encouraged those who feel they can play the game and have the required lineage to contact them. Take a look:

It's not far-fetched to assume that Cuba could put together a team that would be able to compete competitively at an international level. Although rare, the National Hockey League has had Latino representation throughout its history, including Scott Gomez (Mexican/Columbian), Bill Guerin (Nicaraguan), & Al Montoya (Cuban/Columbian).

This initiative shows and proves that the game continues to grow internationally, and with the growth of the Latino population at an all-time high within the United States, it can only yield positive results and opportunities for those involved and for future generations to come.
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Ice Hockey Federation looking for players

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