Mika Noronen while playing for the Buffalo Sabres
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Former NHLer Mika Noronen facing charges of tax fraud in Finland

Published April 5, 2024 at 8:19

Mika Noronen, a former NHLer and first-round draft pick of the Buffalo Sabres, is facing charges of tax fraud in his home country of Finland dating back to 2020.

A report by Ilta-Sanomat states Mika Noronen is accused of the serious crime of aggravated tax fraud. The charges were filed last month. A trial date has not yet been set.

"According to the [Finnish] Penal Code, you can be guilty of aggravated tax fraud if you give misleading information for taxation purposes. In addition to that, the aggravated form of the act requires that the crime has been aimed at a large financial gain or that it is done in a particularly planned manner."

Ilta Sanomat reached out to Noronen, who is now a real estate agent, for comment. However, he chose to say very little.

"I have nothing to comment at this point. I have nothing to say about that."

If found guilty, Noronen could be facing jail time of anywhere between four months and four years.

"Satakunta's Kansa Länsi-Suomi magazine reported earlier in February that Noronen brokers luxury apartments for the wealthy in the United Arab Emirates. Noronen has not moved his life entirely abroad, but his second home is still in Tampere."

Mika Noronen was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres 21st overall in 1997. He played 71 regular season games in the NHL, almost all of them with the Sabres. In 2006, the Vancouver Canucks traded with Buffalo for the goaltender, as well as three defencemen. Noronen played four games with the Canucks before returning to Europe to play. Over the next several seasons, Noronen suited up in Russia, Finland, Germany, and Sweden, before retiring from professional hockey in 2016.

Source: Ilta Sanomat
Mika Noronen is accused of a serious crime
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Former NHLer Mika Noronen facing charges of tax fraud in Finland

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