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Kaiden Guhle facing suspension after slashing Travis Konecny

Published March 29, 2024 at 12:53

Last night the Philadelphia Flyers faced off against the Montreal Canadiens. The Flyers hoped to keep their playoffs hopes alive as they push for the final Wild Card spot. Unfortunately the Flyers would fall 4 to 1 to Montreal and once again I've made their task of making the playoffs that much more difficult.

During the game, a moment that caught everyone's attention occurred after Flyers forward Travis Konecny, began to stir up trouble. A play that went undetected by officials immediately drew attention of the Philadelphia bench. The Flyers were furious at the non-call and now everyone knows why.

At the end of the second Konecny appears to have been slashed by Kaiden Guhle from the Montreal bench. During the game there was no footage of the incident but this morning footage surfaced.

Even after the defeat, the Flyers were more concerned about the missed call then they were the loss. A terrible attitude to have for a team fighting for their playoff lives. While it is clear, the officials missed something, the lack of effort from Philadelphia certainly did not help their causes.

Today, the NHL Department of player safety reach a decision and has elected to offer Guhle a hearing for this slash.

The NHL has long looked to prevent players from engaging with one another from off of the playing surface. In most incidents it involves pushing or shoving or even punches throne. But this unique situation presents itself and could see the rookie receive an extended punishment.
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Kaiden Guhle facing suspension after slashing Travis Konecny

How long will Kaiden Guhle be suspended for?

1-2 games3437 %
3-4 games4548.9 %
Just a fine88.7 %
He deserves nothing55.4 %
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