LA Kings block former coach Todd McLellan from taking new job

TJ Tucker
July 10, 2024  (2:56 PM)

Todd McLellan while coaching the LA Kings
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A report says the Los Angeles Kings have stopped former head coach Todd McLellan from taking a new job as he remains under contract with the team despite being fired

It's one thing to be fired by an NHL team. To have that team block you from taking on a position with another organization is something else all together. According to a report, this is what is happening with Todd McLellan of the LA Kings.
The LA Kings canned McLellan in February of 2024 as the team struggled to get wins. He had one more season remaining on his contract at the time.
NHL coaches continue to get paid even after getting fired if there is term remaining on their deals. The payments stop when the person takes on another NHL job. However, being under contract means the Kings get a say on whether McLellan can even take on another coaching job in the league, and it appears the answer is no. Aaron Portzline reports that McLellan was the top candidate for the head coaching positions with the Columbus Blue Jackets, but all three parties involved could not come to an agreement.
"Told Todd McLellan is out of the running to be the next #CBJ coach. Between #CBJ, McLellan, and his former club, #GoKingsGo, an agreement on a multi-year contract could not be reached.

Possible #CBJ circle back with an adjusted offer."

If a new contract is signed for less than the old one, the coach still gets top up payments from his former team. It's possible McLellan would be taking less money with Columbus than he was getting with the Kings, and LA didn't want to pay the difference hoping that Columbus would come back with a better offer. That remains to be seen.
It's not at all surprising that McLellan is getting offers from other NHL teams. He's coached just under 1150 regular season games in the league with the Kings, San Jose Sharks, and Edmonton Oilers. His current record is 598 wins, 412 losses and 134 overtime losses.
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LA Kings block former coach Todd McLellan from taking new job

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