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Latest Update on Coyotes has Relocation looking Less Likely

Published February 9, 2024 at 8:24
The will they or won't they relocation saga with the Arizona Coyotes continues. After much talk over the last week that the NHL was fed up with the situation with the team playing at the 5000 seat Mullett Arena with no plans for a permanent home in sight comes word of progress.

According to Coyotes Insider Craig Morgan, a deal including a 100-acre parcel of land was indeed discussed by the local land department this week, despite reports to the contrary.

"This was a government source reaching out to me, unsolicited, saying the meeting went really well, and he could see this whole thing wrapped up in three months."

That would certainly be a huge relief to the NHL, however it's still not clear if three months is fast enough. It's important to remember that the three month timeline is only for the sale of the land, not to get shovels in the ground.

"Again, we don't know how the NHL's going to react to any of this. We don't know what's coming from Gary Bettman after the Super Bowl, but the idea that this could be wrapped up in three months was interesting to hear."

The head of NHL Players Association recently expressed frustration with missed deadline after missed deadline, adding players and fans deserve concrete answers on what is happening with the team. Several cities have been mentioned as possible relocation sites for the Coyotes, including Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and Houston.

The plot of land the Coyotes are currently looking at is at the corner of Highway 101 and Scottsdale Road.
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Latest Update on Coyotes has Relocation looking Less Likely

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