Marc-Andre Fleury of the Minnesota Wild
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Marc-Andre Fleury gets revenge after prank by Brandon Duhaime

Published April 8, 2024 at 9:33 PM

Brandon Duhaime messed with the wrong guy in Marc-Andre Fluery, his teammate with the Minnesota Wild. Fleury has taken his revenge by outdoing the original prank.

As you may recall, Brandon Duhaime decided to have some fun at Marc-Andre Fleury's expense about a week ago as he covered his former Minnesota Wild teammate's car in roll after roll of toilet paper. That took place on Apr. 4, Duhaime's first game back in Minnesota after being traded to the Colorado Avalanche a month earlier.

After seeing the prank, Fleury guessed who it was, and said Duhaime was going to have to learn the hard way when Minnesota travelled to Denver next week.

Next week is now, and Fleury was as good as his word, as Duhaime got a shock when he went out to get in his car. What he found was all the tires had been removed, a for sale sign had been placed on the window, and a pile of dirt was placed on the hood that appeared to contain Fleury's calling card, flowers.

Duhaime might have bitten off more than he can chew with his prank. Fleury is well-known for playing tricks on teammates often, back to his days with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He made sure to play one on former teammate Evgeni Malkin after being traded to Pittsburgh.

The Minnesota Wild aren't officially out of the 2024 Stanley Cup playoff race yet, but being 10 points behind a wild card spot in the Western Conference with 5 games left is not a great look. Fleury, who is 39, recently told that if he plays next season, it will only be for the Wild. Otherwise, he'll retire.
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Marc-Andre Fleury gets revenge after prank by Brandon Duhaime

Who win this round of pranks between Brandon Duhaime and Marc-Andre Fleury?

Fleury13789.5 %
Duhaime53.3 %
Not sure117.2 %
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