Morgan Rielly cross-checks Ridly Greig
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Morgan Rielly Has Date Set after He Makes Choice on Type of Hearing

Published February 12, 2024 at 11:56
It was the talk of the hockey world over the weekend, and it's going to go on for a bit yet after Player Safety decides to wait a bit for the official hearing. Morgan Rielly of the Toronto Maple Leafs has chosen the type of hearing he will have after a cross-check to the head of Ridly Greig of the Ottawa Senators.

Rielly has chosen to attend his hearing in-person after being given a choice of a face-to-face meeting, or calling in by Zoom. Being given that choice likely means Rielly is getting at least five games.

Meanwhile, the Department of Player Safety must have been busy with SuperBowl parties this weekend as Rielly's hearing won't take place Tuesday afternoon. Toronto is hosting the St. Louis Blues on that day at Scotiabank Arena. Presumably, that will be the first game of Rielly's suspension. The in-person hearing with Player Safety will take place in New York, which is the norm.

Rielly was upset after Greig decided to score an empty-netter on a breakaway with a slapshot in the final seconds of the third period in Saturday night's game between Toronto and Ottawa. Rielly followed Grieg into the boards and cross-checked him in the head area, with Grieg dropping to the ice. This has sparked plenty of debate online over whether Grieg deserved what he got, or whether Rielly completely overreacted. It is possible for both to be wrong in this situation, but Rielly risked the suspension with his reaction, and it looks like he's going to get one.

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Morgan Rielly Has Date Set after He Makes Choice on Type of Hearing

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