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NHL Leaning Towards Making Major Change To Rule

Published March 19, 2024 at 1:24 PM

NHL general managers are meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, this week to discuss any NHL related topic ie: rule changes, suspension standards and how to deal with Long Term Injured Reserve.

A rule change that was a hot topic of conversation, centered around the delay of game penalty for putting the puck-over-glass.

NHL Senior Executive and Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell spoke to reporters after the day of meetings.

«We discussed puck-over-glass and discussed it pretty thoroughly today,» said Campbell. «We discussed: Should we look at taking a penalty down and adding a penalty, or just taking a penalty down (based on review)? Because it's tough after a game when you added a penalty that wasn't (called) a penalty (in real time). That's real hard for the fans of a team to take.»

Insider Darren Dreger revealed that the Puck over the glass delay of game penalty will eventually be a Coaches Challenge. The recommendations that the GMs put forth will go to the competition committee and then to board for final approval.

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NHL Leaning Towards Making Major Change To Rule

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