NHL reportedly telling teams not to make trades or roster moves

Sam Hutch
June 15, 2024  (11:09)

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With game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final later tonight, it seems as though the NHL has told teams not to make moves until after the Final is over. Something that wouldn't surprise anyone. All eyes have to be on the Cup Final.

The national hockey league all eyes to be on the Stanley Cup final and as such the off-season up to this point for most NHL teams Has been relatively quiet; the reason for that is quite clear.
According to an X user who has broken news from the Ottawa Senators organization, the NHL has told teams Not to announce roster moves and possible trades until after the Stanley Cup final is over. This would fall right in line with what NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wants.
If the season ends tonight there is a chance we see a flood of moves by Monday. The league has gently nudged teams to let the Stanley Cup finish before they make any moves. While not enforceable the league has offered a suggestion to let the Cup be handed out without distraction.

The X user has suggested that the NHL has told teams not to make any moves before the Stanley Cup is handed out as they don't want the distraction during the Cup Final. While this isn't an actual rule, you know that the owners will do whatever the NHL asks as long as Gary Bettman continues to make money for them.
If the Stanley Cup is handed out tonight, there is a chance that we see an influx of moves by Monday morning. When this happens, it'll be abundantly clear what Bettman's goal actually was
While I agree, that other teams that are not in the cup, final announcing moves and beginning their off-season in full force would be somewhat of a distraction. It's a business and you can't force 30 other teams to stop doing business while the season Is still going on. This is another classic example of how Gary Bettman is not controlling the NHL, but telling every team how and when they can conduct business.
This won't change until Gary Bettman Aires from the position of NHL commissioner.
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NHL reportedly telling teams not to make trades or roster moves

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