Capital One Arena in Washington D.C.
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NHL Team's Hopes for a New Arena Shot Down Completely

Published February 14, 2024 at 9:25

One NHL team hoping for government monday for a new arena has been flat-out rejected by a State Senate, meaning the plan is effectively dead in the water.

A couple of months ago, it came to light that the owner of the Washington Capitals, Ted Leonsis wanted to leave Capital One Arena in Washington and move the team to a brand new building. Not only that, but the proposed arena would be built in nearby Alexandria, Virginia, although the team would remain the Washington Capitals. Leonsis and his ownership group wanted public bonds from the Virginia State Senate to back the construction, and his proposal went before the senate today. It was not received well. In fact, the chair of the Senate's Finance & Appropriations Committee refused to even put the bill on the docket.

"As long as the full faith and credit of this Commonwealth is backing this project, my answer continues to be an absolute no." - Sen. L. Louise Lucas

Meanwhile, the Mayor of D.C. has announced she's going to enforce current lease with the Capitals and Washington Wizards to ensure they stay where they are until at least 2047.

"We intend to keep our end of the bargain and enforce the leases with Monumental that require the Wizards and Capitals to play at the arena through 2047 and the Mystics to play in Congress Heights through 2037. If Monumental goes ahead and breaks its leases, the short-term impact will be tough, not only on the neighborhood, but on our entire city. But let me be clear: The city owns the land under the Capital One Arena and will own the building should Monumental break its lease." - D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

Where Leonsis and Monumental Sports & Entertainment will from here is anyone's guess.
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NHL Team's Hopes for a New Arena Shot Down Completely

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