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Panthers take lead on Lightning after controversial review

Published April 23, 2024 at 8:17 PM

The Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning are facing off in game two of their first round series in which the Panther lead the series 1-0. Officiating has been a topic of discussion among many fans and players throughout the entire season and we're seeing it make an impact In the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Panthers lead win nothing on the on the Lightning after a controversial review, led to the opening goal of the game, take a look.

Sam Bennett's backhander gives the Panthers the lead in the first! 😼

Quick review and the goal stands. #Bolts will go to the PK now.

This was controversial for multiple reasons you'd think that a veteran coach like John Cooper wouldn't challenge this in the first place, knowing that if he lost his team would go on the penalty kill and a case could be made that this is actually goaltender interference by Matthew Tkachuk. He pushed in slightly, but his shoulder makes contact with Vasilevsky's head.

In any case, the Panthers do not capitalize on the power-play and they still lead by a score of 2-0 during the late stages of the first period.

If fans were wondering what goaltender interference was before this certainly won't help that.
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Panthers take lead on Lightning after controversial review

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