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Quenneville's daughter reveals message Kyle Beach gave to her father

Published May 14, 2024 at 8:22 PM

With rumours flying about Joel Quenneville‘s future in the NHL, despite not being cleared to get behind the bench again, as of yet, a surprising statement was just made by someone very close to him regarding his future and a conversation he had with Former Chicago Blackhawk, Kyle Beach.

Anna, Quenneville's daughter has come out and made a statement regarding a conversation Joel and Kyle Beach had in which permission was given for him to step behind the bench again after his parents on the Andy Strickland podcast; take a look

For those asking, Kyle called my dad after he went on
podcast and he gave him his blessings to coach again.

While this is great news that the phone call happened and beach for gave Quenneville for his involvement with the Chicago Blackhawks back then there is one hurdle to get over here, Joel Quenneville has not been cleared by the commissioner of the NHL Gary Bettman to return to the game of hockey

This is a good first step, though having the player he and many others wrong forgive him means that he's closer to returning then originally thought.

If the victim can forgive him, there's no reason that Gary Bettman cannot. We'll see what happens and where this goes, but Quenneville could be returning to an NHL bench sooner rather than later.
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Quenneville's daughter reveals message Kyle Beach gave to her father

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